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technology From concepts to series production. We are dedicated to providing high-performance automotive technology solutions.

Welcome to the future of truly innovative technology, ground-breaking engineering and advanced automotive development. Welcome to Rimac Technology.

Our products

Components and vehicle systems that rise to new requirements. Designed, engineered, and manufactured by the in-house team at Rimac Technology.

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Our Process

Rimac is a vertically integrated company which gives us the agility necessary to innovate and create ground-breaking technology from scratch. We offer services within the full range of the product development process: from concept to series production.

01 Concept

This is the first stage where our customers’ vision is interpreted utilizing Rimac internal toolsets. The concept phase design is backed by our team’s extensive experience in research and development of high-performance technologies. Our approach is to guide our customers through the process and collaborate on the optimal solution for their application.

02 Development

Our unique value in tackling the design and development of our selected concept is our expert engineering team. The structure of Rimac Technology enables high flexibility and fast response to possible changes throughout the project. The use of our customised toolsets and processes provides confidence and high-fidelity correlation between the original idea and the simulated results.

03 Rapid Prototyping

From the initial stage, our approach is to design production-ready components. Therefore, all standards are taken into account and this allows us, while using our advanced tools, to bring our virtual product into a physical hardware in a short time space.

04 Industrialisation

Prior to the homologation phase, our team of manufacturing technologist design and prepare the bespoke production line(s) for the assembly of the components – including the EOL test before the component is shipped to the customer. Our engineers understand and value the need for agile lines that will meet the quality standards, fluctuation in production rates as well as any minor modifications to the product required throughout its life cycle.

05 Verification & Validation

All our components are carefully assessed and tested in our in-house facilities by a team of expert specialists. Our tests range from standard characterisation test used to validate our simulation results, to extensive Design and Verification Process (DVP) using our high-performance test chambers and rigs. The use of our own mule vehicles provides additional layer of assurance of our developed components to assess them within the real-life conditions.

06 Homologation & Certification

We have partnered up with all the major Homologation and Certification organizations around the world to ensure our products are safe, performant and reliable. We understand and value the need of each region that has their own specific set of rules and regulations. Our Nevera hypercar is the first electric hypercar to be globally homologated.

07 Series-Production

This is the final piece of the jigsaw to get our customer’s products onto the roads. Once our components have successfully passed the DVP and homologation process, we start the series production. Our production capacity is up to 100,000 units per year.

Clients and Projects

Our open approach has seen us work alongside some of the largest OEM's in the world. In growing our portfolio, we continue to forge long term partnerships with our clients, together shaping the of the future and redefining performance.

Aston Martin

Product portfolio

Looking for data sheets, CAD files and more details on all our components? Browse our repository section to see the specs behind our hypercars and in-house technology.