High-performance propulsion systems with high efficiency, extreme power and torque output in a compact, low weight package.

E-Axles Our exceptionally powerful powertrain systems push the boundaries of what's possible in the field of power density, delivery and torque output. Beyond that, they are all built to be scalable - providing a flexible solution in a wide range of applications.

Our range of high-performance drivetrain solutions have an exceptionally high power to weight ratio. Designed and engineered in-house, our drivetrains have been built to meet the meet the most extreme performance specifications, just like our latest hypercar, Rimac Nevera. Designed in a compact package, each solution comprises of two highly efficient motors coupled to a bespoke gearbox and double inverter to give best-in-class performance.

Our Competencies

Motor Technology

Motors are a key factor in the delivery of power and torque from the powertrain. This is why for the development of our bespoke e-axles, our engineers dedicate a great deal of effort to detailing motor topologies, understanding and pushing the boundaries of internal and surface permanent magnet technologies, and finding ways to achieve the best power and torque density, while simultaneously achieving high efficiency and scalability.

Gearbox Technology

We develop our gearboxes so that they are capable of being implemented into both single-motor and dual-motor e-axles. They are packaged as either single or two-stage epicyclic transmissions for improved integration. Along with this, we also focus on other capabilities, such as parking brake integration, integration with a differential, and torque vectoring integration.

Inverter Technology

For our inverters, we are exploring all possible technologies to make the most efficient solutions, including IGBT, SiC, and GaN technologies. Our inverters are a crucial part of our e-axles, which is why we make sure they all offer high switching frequency, high packaging density and module parallelization. We also work hard to implement custom-made cooling with a large heat transfer ratio, achieved thanks to our in-house CFD and FEM simulations and verification.


One key aspect which we focus on for our e-axles is scalability. This means customizability within certain boundaries, enabling our experts to optimize the axle to offer different power and torque figures. This approach allows lower costs, and a quick time to market.

Complementary Components

A great deal of power and torque from the e-axle requires a great deal of control. Our Drive Control Unit controls the motors and inverter. It is capable of controlling separate motors individually, handling all torque requests in the process. This makes both torque vectoring and anti-jerk control possible for our e-axles.

Vehicle Integration

We are not solely a components and systems supplier. Instead, we strive to immerse ourselves into our clients’ goals. With this in mind, our experts work towards not only optimizing our e-axles, but developing them in a way which supports the optimization of the client’s vehicle.

Our process

01 Concepts

We start the development of our e-axles by coming up with several potential concepts to meet the client’s targets. Each of these concepts follows all requirements in various details, such as motor designs and topologies, and noise, vibrations and harshness.

02 Concept Selection

After developing several e-axle concepts, our experts work with the client to help narrow down the options until coming up with the most favourable solution to fit their application.

03 Development

Once the concept has been chosen, our experts dive in to work on every detail of the e-axle. From the motor, to the gearbox, to the inverter, nothing is left out of the equation. For the motor, this means digging into topologies for magnet loss minimization, and conducting thermal modelling. For the gearbox, our experts run NVH simulations, MASTA microgeometry and macrogeometry optimization, and other optimization techniques. For the inverter, development practices are run based on ISO 26262 and ASPICE standards. For all individual components, FEM and CFD simulations and analysis are conducted.

On the full e-axle level, we aim to optimize packaging and the combined output of all the individual components.

04 Prototyping & Testing

To ensure the e-axle is functioning as promised, we produce prototypes and full e-axle level. Using the data collected from these tests, our experts then work to further optimize the components, to then be implemented into new prototypes for more rounds of testing, all to prepare the e-axle for series production.

05 Industrialization

In the industrialization process, our production planning team works on optimizing the manufacturing process and designing the production line so that the manufacturing process is as efficient and effective as possible. Key focus in this phase is on cost optimization.

06 Verification, Validation & Testing

As we put the e-axle through rigorous testing to make the component ready for series production, we also use these tests to ensure that it is living up to specific standards, such as ISO 26262 and ASPICE, through verification and validation processes. These processes also include a great deal of focus on areas such as systems engineering and functional safety.

07 Homologation & Certification

Along with verification and validation, we also take care of all homologation and certification processes for our e-axles, to confirm that they fit all industry standards and requirements before series production.

08 Series Production

Finally, after starting from just an e-axle concept on a piece of paper, followed by all other development, industrialization and certification processes in preparation, we begin to manufacture the e-axle. This takes place on one of our flexible manufacturing lines, capable of handling a variety of projects, systems and production volumes.

09 In-Life (In-Series) Support

After beginning series production of the e-axle, we also offer in-life support to guarantee that all e-axles continue to perform and exceed expectations on the road.

Product portfolio

Looking for data sheets, CAD files and more details on all our components? Browse our repository section to see the specs behind our hypercars and in-house technology.